Tenerife weather in july
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Tenerife, in the canary islands, Spain, is still a nice destination to visit in September. Due to the excellent weather conditions you can travel with baby o babies too, you can do many things, and days are so colorful. Tenerife weather in September is in a time of season change. Autumn is here and temperatures start to decrease.

There is an average daily temperature of 24ºC in september in Tenerife. The minimum average temperatures can be around 19ºC. The higher average temperatures can reach 29ºC. It is already notorious in September that the days have fewer hours of light. In this month daylight is about 12 hours. Approximately there are more than 9 hours a day of sunshine during the month of September, less than august month.

Many sunny days are still enjoyed all this month, but it is normal some cloudy or partially cloudy days, usually towards the end of the month. Weather in the North of Tenerife is more humid than the south or southeast areas. It may be that there are days of high temperatures and humidity, which causes a sedation of embarrassment.

Sea temperature in september still warms

The temperature of the sea continues to rise slightly, in September it is between 22 and 25ºC, with an average above 23ºC. It is still a very good temperature to practice water sports and, of course, to take a bath on the beach. Generally it is from this month that the inflection takes place and the cooling of the waters of the sea begins.

In September there are still many sunny days in Tenerife. Although in this month the clouds appear more times than in July, and the probability of rain increases. There is an average of 11 hours of daylight, with more than 8 hours of sun. Since the month of July these times have already been reducing as is natural. As almost always the climate in the south of Tenerife is warmer and drier than in the north. There are many days absolutely clear in the south.

Even being in the summer season the winds are one of the main actors of the Tenerife weather at this time. The wind is felt more than other periods of the year. The winds normally reach more than 20.0 km / h in these summer months, from July to September. The presence of the wind, as always, is good news for water sports enthusiasts such as windsurfing, kite surfing, etc.

Tenerife Weather in August
Tenerife weather in september, enjoying coast views

Tenerife weather in October: autumn

In September, rainy days appear again. Throughout the month there may be up to 6 rainy days. In September, indicators such as hours of sunshine, rainy days, humidity, in general, give us indications that the end of summer is approaching.

In general, in the month of September there are alternating sunny and dry days, with cloudy days and with rain. Transit is taking place towards autumn, and towards the end of the month the winds begin to slow down. We highlight the Tenerife weather in september the average maximum and minimum temperatures already fall in this month to a degree in maximum temperatures, and the minimum is in several tenths. In Santa Cruz de Tenerife, the average maximum temperature is below 28ºC, and the minimum temperature is slightly below 22ºC.

Generally, in the north and northwest areas, there is greater cloudiness due to the distribution of air currents. The degree of humidity rises slightly several points, registering averages in Santa Cruz de Tenerife of 61%.

Of Interest

In 9th september of 1986 weather in Tenerife South Airport gets 41.8 ºC, that is the 6th higher temperature registered in Spain in September month.

Tenerife Weather in October
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