Tenerife weather in may
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Tenerife is a perfect destination to travel in the month of May. In this month we are well into the spring season, and the weather in Tenerife already feels warmer at this time.

Tenerife weather in May shows an average daily temperature of 19ºC. The minimum temperatures can be around 15ºC. The maximum temperatures can reach 24-25ºC, even in concrete conditions 30ºC. Some moments due to the solar radiation of this region you can feel thermal sensation of 30ºC, with lower temperatures. The days are already longer, on average it has more than 13 hours of daylight. Approximately there are 9 hours a day of sunshine during the month of May, mostly sunny days. On average the approximate humidity is 74%, with variations between the different areas of Tenerife. North of the island is more humid. The sea temperature rises compared to the winter months, reaching values ​​between 19 and 21ºC. With this temperature the bath on the beaches is already appealing at any time of the day.

Although in the morning, and at night, sometimes you can feel fresh, more in the area of ​​the interior. Temperatures will continue to rise throughout the month as spring progresses towards to summer. Of course, also in the month of May the climate in the south of Tenerife (Arona, Los Cristianos, …) is warmer and drier than in the north.

During the month of May in Tenerife it is posible to rain in some day, on average it can rain 1 or 2 days throughout the month. That is, there are better days, or sunnier days, than April month. As we move towards the summer months the probability decreases, as is obvious, becoming practically nil.

Tenerife Weather in may month
The weather in Tenerife in May

Tenerife weather in May, travelling towards the summer

Travelers and visitors, also residents, who enjoy the sun and the beach begin to be in luck. Due to Tenerife weather in May, the conditions to enjoy the bath and the good weather on the beach will improve. The sunny weather, mainly in the south and southeast of the island but also in the north, will be the constant from May to autumn.

The inland of the island is still a splendid place to enjoy nature. Tenerife weather in may in the interior places are nice to practice outdoor sports, and walking. The light of the sunny days and the contrast with the landscapes ensure great walks to enjoy wonderful places to visit. We have already left behind the rainy season, but as we indicated, there may still be a storm. The haze, or the dust in suspension, can also appear. It is common, and usually occurs throughout the year due to its proximity to the desert in North Africa. In this situation, with warm air entering from the south, the temperature usually increases several degrees. The marine currents continue helping that the temperatures are not so high, and weather in Tenerife in general is warm but in a calm range.

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