Tenerife weather in March
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Tenerife weather in March begins to change, spring arrives. In March the winter ends and spring begins and this causes the temperature to rise slightly.

Weather in Tenerife in March marks an average daily temperature close to 20ºC. Minimum temperatures are about 15ºC and maximum temperatures that can reach 23-24ºC. On average it has about 12 hours of daylight with approximately 8 hours a day of sunshine during the month of March. The average humidity level is 68%. At this time of year the water is still fresh, with an average temperature of 19-20ºC. However, this temperature allows many bathers to bathe on its beaches, mainly visitors from Northern Europe. The night temperature usually decreases several degrees with respect to the day, even below 15ºC, mainly in inland. It is not strange that in interior areas the temperature can be below 10ºC. Obviously, the higher the altitude, the lower the temperature, so in areas of the center of the island, around the Teide, it can be very cold.

Few rainy days in Tenerife in March

Tenerife weather in March may present rainy days, mainly in the north of the island. We can still find cloudy days, and this also happens more to the north of Tenerife. Humidity, as in the whole year, is higher in the north and northeast of Tenerife. Although the temperature may not be that low, the thermal sensation may be colder. The weather in the south of Tenerife is warmer at this time of the year, enjoying more hours of sun. For sun and beach tourists the South of Tenerife is the most recommended place to go on holidays. In the month of March, mainly towards the end of the month, it is possible to find a more pleasant thermal sensation when bathing in the beaches of the south of the island.

Due to the proximity to the coast of Africa it is not unusual for occasional episodes of dust storms that raise the temperature 2-3ºC.

Therefore, due to Tenerife weather in March, it is still advisable to take a coat in the early hours of the morning, and evening hours. Generally, although the water is cold, you may find that the sensation of the water temperature not to bad. This is due to Tenerife is bathed by the Atlantic Ocean. People can find water temperature is the same as in other places further north in Europe in the middle of summer.

Things to do in Tenerife in March

Tenerife Weather in March
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Tenerife Weather in March
This is about Tenerife weather conditions in March month. Tenerife is one of the Canary Islands, in Spain. Tenerife normally has good weather conditions throughout the year.
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