Tenerife weather in March
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Tenerife is a perfect destination to travel in the month of April. Tenerife weather in april are in the spring season, but in Tenerife spring is a soft temperature season. The climate of the Canary Islands is a subtropical climate.

About Tenerife weather in April there is an average daily temperature of 17ºC. The minimum temperatures are around 15ºC and the maximum temperatures of 21ºC. On average it has about 11 hours of daylight with approximately 6 hours a day of sunshine during the month of April, and there are completely sunny days. On average, the approximate humidity is 74%, with variations between the different areas of Tenerife, the north is more humid. The temperature of the water rises slightly compared to the previous months, reaching an average of 21ºC. So, with this temperature of the water and the air, bathers can already start to swim in the beaches of Tenerife.

Although it is still fresh in the morning and at night, it does not feel as cold as in the previous months. Except in the interior areas, or if it coincides with a storm. In the middle and end of April, as May approaches, the temperature rises slightly. Generally throughout the island you can already feel good weather. In general, it is always warmer in the South zone: Playa de las Amércicas, Arona, Costa Adeje, …

 Tenerife weather in April
Tenerife weather in April

Weather in Tenerife in April becomes more sunny

During the month of April in Tenerife you can register rain some day, of average 1 or 2 days in this month it can rain. However, as we move towards the summer months the probability decreases, as is obvious.

For those people who are looking for sun and beach in Tenerife, in April they will be able to find a sunny weather. It is also possible to enjoy sunny days in some areas of the north of Tenerife. Of course, the south and southeast of Tenerife are still the warmest areas. The north of Tenerife is still a wonderful place to take nature walks. The weather in Tenerife this month is spectacular to discover places in the interior and north of Tenerife.

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Tenerife Weather in April
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Tenerife Weather in April
This is about Tenerife weather in April. Tenerife is one of the Canary Islands, in Spain. Tenerife normally has good weather conditions throughout the year.
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