Tenerife weather in july
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Tenerife, in the canary islands, Spain, is a wonderful destination to travel in August. Due to weather conditions you can travel with baby o babies too, you can do many things, and days are so beautiful. Tenerife weather in August is a hot month with high temperatures. But special conditions in Canary Islands allow temperatures not too higher.

Mainly about Tenerife weather there is an average daily temperature of 24ºC in august. The minimum average temperatures can be around 21ºC. The higher average temperatures can reach 29ºC. As in June or July, if there is a heat wave temperatures may reach 35º or more. The days have less hours of daylight than previous month. In August daylight is already decreasing, although still more than 13 hours. Approximately there are more than 11 hours a day of sunshine during the month of Auguust.

You can enjoy sunny days all this month, but it is normal some cloudy days or partial days, in general at the end of August. On average the approximate humidity is about 71%, with variations between the different areas of Tenerife. Tenerife north is more humid than south or southeast. The summer months are specially humid, and as in July weather  sometimes may result sultry or torrid during some days. This situation is due to the higher temperature and humid.

Sea temperature in Tenerife still raises up

The sea temperature go on rising slightly, in August is ​​between 21 and 25ºC, on average 23ºC. This is a great temperature to practise of kind of acuatic sports, and of course, simply to take a bath in the beach.

August is the second month in sunniest days of the year in Tenerife. Although in this month clouds appears more times than in July. As almost always the weather in the south of Tenerife is warmer and drier than in the north. There are days with almost 100% of clear day.

As august is summer season, and winds is the main visitor of the island in this season, there are more windy days than rest of the year in Tenerife. Winds normally get more than 20.0 km/hr in these months, in July too. As in July weather in Tenerife, very good news for practising some sports like windsurf or kitesurf in Tenerife beaches.

Tenerife weather in august

Tenerife weather in August: still summer, beach, sun and surf

August is the second driest month of Tenerife, normally it does not rain, and if it rains it is close to the last days of the month.

Generally the Tenerife weather in August is absolutely typical summer, sunny and dry month. This is an excellent month for sun and beach tourism in Tenerife. Visitors have reviewed the season from June to September as the best time to do tourism in Tenerife. As in July in spite of higher temperatures, and sunnier days, the marine currents and trade winds ensure a non-suffocating temperature. In August it may occur that higher temperatures along with higher humidity produce suffocating weather conditions.

Tenerife weather in August may result in occasional heat waves too. The south and southeast of the island will continue to be the hottest and driest places in Tenerife in the August. In the north temperatures are not so higher than south, and forests are nice places to be cooled off during the hottest times.

As the rest of the ayer, in August the appearance of haze, or dust in suspension, may occur. Obviously, to wear short clothes is the recommendation for this month and, of course, swimsuits.

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Tenerife Weather in August
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Tenerife Weather in August
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