Playa de las Americas Weather
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Playa de Las Americas Weather

Weather in Playa de las Americas, Tenerife, are always pleasant and warm. Temperatures do not oscillate much, providing perfect weather conditions for a holiday in the sun at any time of year. For Europeans mainly in winter is a very attractive place.

Spring is one of the best times to pack your bags and travel to Tenerife for temperatures in the early 20s from March to May. On a good day, you could see highs of 23°C, which is great for relaxing on the sandy beaches. You’ll have eight hours of sunshine per day with nightly lows ranging from 14°C to 16°C.

Playa de las Americas weather in summer is stunning with lots of hot and sunny days between June and September. The daily average is around 25°C with scorching highs of 28°C at midday. Sun shines for up to nine hours per day, with pleasant temperatures. Each month has less than 6mm of rain, an in july there is no rain. This means you have more time to soak up the sunshine and enjoy the mild sea waters which are in the low-20s in summer.

The weather in Playa de las Americas is mild over autumn and winter with temperatures starting at 24°C in October and dropping to 20°C in December. Lows are around 17°C in autumn and 14°C in winter, so a light jacket is needed for the evening.

About Playa de Las Americas

Playa de las Américas, also known simply as Las Américas, is one of the population entities that make up the municipality of Arona. This municipality is in the South of Tenerife island -Canarias, Spain-. It is one of the main tourist centers of the island. This tourist center was developed in the 1960s from the tourist area of ​​Los Cristianos.

It extends from the west of the Chayofita mountain to the final stretch of the Rey ravine, bordering the municipality of Adeje, being urbanistically linked to the town of Costa Adeje. It is located 10 kilometers from the municipal capital and at an average altitude of 18 meters above sea level.1

The Americas has a Center for Infant and Primary Education Las Américas, several administrative institutions, shopping centers, pharmacies, sports facilities including the Antonio Dominguez Olympic Stadium, the church of Our Lady of Guadalupe, the Pyramid of Arona Congress Center , banks, plazas and public parks, a Civil Protection headquarters, a Civil Guard barracks, playgrounds, shops, bars and restaurants. Here is also Hospiten Sur and a varied accommodation offer with apartments and hotels of all categories, highlighting some of five stars. Here is also the courthouse of the judicial party of Arona.

The area includes several beaches, mostly artificial, made with sand imported from Africa. It is also one of the places where there is the largest leisure offer in the south of Tenerife. You can find a lot of bars, pubs, terraces, restaurants, and many nightclubs, etc.

Beaches in Playa de Las Americas

The beaches of Playa de las Américas I and Playa de las Américas II have obtained the blue flag awarded by the Foundation for Environmental Education in Europe (FEE). This award is given to those beaches that comply with the community regulations on the cleaning of coastal waters and other services.

Playa de Las Americas

In this area of ​​the island of Tenerife you can practice water sports such as surfing, scuba diving, jet skiing, etc.

Playa de las Américas has a great attraction within the Canary Islands and throughout Spain in general, for its excellent climate. Its great hotel development and a great tourist tradition that has been strengthened over the years. Tourist industry has grow a lot, so there are many more experiences to offer travelers.

Things to do in Playa de Las Américas

The recreational activities that can be carried out in Playa de las Américas in Tenerife, ranging from trips in small boats, to go to the spectacular parks that the area has. And normally weather in Playa de Las Americas is so pleasant, that you can enjoy them.

In this post we will mention some of the most relevant options to have a great experience in this “little piece of heaven”.

Whale and dolphin watching

You can live this great experience, either on a catamaran or on a sailboat, everything will depend on the adventurous spirit with which you count.

In the first instance, you should take into account the option of seeing dolphins and whales in full freedom aboard a beautiful catamaran. You can enjoy the sighting of cetaceans in Playa de las Américas, which is one of the most popular and outstanding activities you can find in Tenerife.

You can also do it is a spectacular sailboat, with a walk along the coast that will also give you a great landscape in the depth of the ocean. As the weather in Playa de Las Americas is usually pleasant, you will surely find a fabulous day to visit the during your travel.

Pyramid of Arona

Another option in Playa de las Americas is the Pyramid of Arona, an exceptional place to enjoy the Spanish dance of great level. You will find best dancers, and that is, the show is unbeatable and will leave you a pleasant memory.

The emotion and passion in particular, is transmitted by each professional that will make your hands redden after applauding them for minutes. Undoubtedly, the best you’ll find in Tenerife.

Pyramid of Arona in Playa de Las Americas

In addition, it is a great architectural structure that will amaze you for its beauty.

Light and music source

The Fountain of Light and Music of Playa de las Américas is a visual pleasure for all who visit this area. So that it is said that whoever does not visit this place, has simply not visited Tenerife.

It is a real attraction for the eyes and the ears, you will be delighted with its surroundings, it is ideal to walk and take some good photographs for the memory. The shops, the palm trees, everything. This area of ​​a set of aspects that fill the place with harmony and becomes one of the activities to do when you visit us.

The combination of lights, water and beautiful melodies will leave you captive with the fountain and everything that surrounds it. The fountain has activities and different schedules, especially late at night with all its darkness, that is, after 21 hours in summer.


The FlyBoard is another recreational activity with which you have in this tourist area. If you want a bit of extreme action you can get on a board that uses water as a propulsion. Since the aforementioned board is connected to a marine motorcycle which serves as the engine for its main objective, to fly over the sea thanks to force against of this one.

Diving and snorkeling

You are in the sea and of course you want to know its depths. Another activity is diving, in the place you will find true professionals who will assist you to see that new world underwater.

The truth is that it is very exciting to see the fish and other marine species in their own habitat, with the guidance of professionals that make it a fun and safe activity. And if you want to immerse yourself even more, right on the seabed, snorkeling also has its place.

A few minutes you will find various theme parks and depending on the season, you can enjoy tournaments and world-class surf exhibitions that will make you have a good time with this spectacular sport.

In Playa de las Américas, there is no shortage of recreational activities, the place has been growing and adapting to meet the tastes of each traveler who has made this destination, your best choice for vacations. And Playa de las Americas weather encourages recreational activities

Places of interest in Playa de Las Americas

The following are places of interest

  • Antonio Domínguez Olympic Stadium
  • Hospiten Sur
  • Courts of Arona
  • Palace of Congresses Pyramid of Arona
  • Playa del Camisón
  • Honda Beach

Night life in Playa de Las Américas

In TripAdvisor you can find some of the places where to go during nights in Las Américas. From cafés, restaurants, to bars or pubs, but not only in Playa Los Cristianos, Costa Adeje and Playa Las Americas are nearby places where there is a great nightlife, including discos and clubs.

Playa de las Americas is known as a party town in Tenerife. You’ll find lots of nightclubs and beach bars where to enjoy dance music out all night. But there are a whole lot of other sides to Playa de las Americas nightlife in the town too. Sure you’ll find a place for your tast and your budget.

You can find the bars and clubs located in and around the centre of the town and along the beachfront. Veronica’s strip is a very popular area for the younger crowd. The nearby Starco’s area also has a good choice of bars and clubs.

In The Patch you’ll find more relaxed restaurants and pubs, or head to the Parque de la Paz strip, which is behind the Safari Shopping Centre. So, maybe these options are better for families or those over 25.

The Auditorio Infanta Leonor theatre, in Los Cristianos, hosts classical music concerts, ballets and flamenco shows. This is a must for culture lovers and is proof that there really is something for everyone.

If you want to explore different options it is no problem due to venues are proximal. There are a lot of taxis and buses there, so you can move easily. Mostly, Playa de Las Americas weather is so pleasant that only in winter you will need some jacket in nights life.

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