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Costa Adeje is a town in the municipality of Adeje, on the island Tenerife of the Canary Islands, Spain. It has become one of the three main tourist destinations on the island of Tenerife, next to Playa de las AmericasLos Cristianos and Puerto de la Cruz. In this article we will tell you about weather in Costa Adeje and some other interesting information about this place.

Costa Adeje Weather

The weather in Costa Adeje in general, as well as the weather in the south of Tenerife, is warmer than in the center-north of Tenerife. Tenerife, and Costa Adeje in particular, has a mild and moderate climate throughout the year.

Average temperatures in Costa Adeje, Tenerife, vary above 15ºC in winter, and close to 24ºC in summer. As you can see, except for specific situations, extreme climatic situations do not occur. We see that the average temperature variation throughout the year is around 8ºC. On the other hand, in July and August it does not usually rain, and the rainiest months are usually November and December, with an average rainfall of between 60-75 mm.

As you can see, this weather in Costa Adeje invites visitors to enjoy its beaches and coasts.


In two decades Costa Adeje has seen its population in an unstoppable way, because it has increased its tourist offer. It is eminently a tourist place, with important places to visit. Nice weather in Costa Adeje has been an important factor for tourism investments.

This town of Tenerife is formed by the following towns: El Beril, La Caleta, Callao Salvaje, Costa Adeje, Playa Paraíso, Playas de Fañabé, Playas del Duque, El Puertito, San Eugenio, Sueño Azul and Torviscas. It has an extension of four kilometers of beaches and 26.11 km of coastline. Most of the coast of the municipality of Adeje is attached to the town of Costa de Adeje. It has about 8 main beaches suitable for swimming. On the other hand, to the north of the nucleus of La Caleta are other small natural coves. Weather and fantastic beaches are greatest ingredients in Costa Adeje for people to live there.

Photo by Jay Lee on Unsplash

Costa Adeje facilities

With the fantastic weather in Costa Adeje there is a great offer available in hotels, apartments and aparthotels. This makes Costa Adeje attractive for tourists visiting Tenerife. You will also find a good number of centers and commercial areas, as well as shops in their different streets. Of course there is a wide range of bars and restaurants of all kinds. Among the most necessary services offered by this area you can find banks, public parks, a caravan park, playgrounds, sports facilities and pharmacies. It also has a social center and public squares, as well as a post office. The National Police has a Commissariat and Civil Protection with an assistance building, a hospital is also available. There is a marina, reason why water activities are within the tourist offer of the area. Most of sport activities are open all the year due to weather conditions in Costa Adeje.

Costa Adeje Restaurants

In Costa Adeje you can find restaurants of all types of food:

In Costa Adeje there are many options to eat in restaurants. The nice weather in Costa Adeje practically all the year also allows to eat in terraces and outdoors. You can find restaurants of all kinds of food: Spanish, Italian (pizza and pasta), Chinese, Indian, Canarian, homemade food, seafood, Japanese (sushi), grill, etc.

Nothing better than a pleasant weather and the colors of the sea and the sky to accompany your meal in Costa Adeje. Below you can find some interesting listing of restaurants in Costa Adeje.

Costa Adeje weather and things to do

Costa Adeje Things To Do

People say that the best beaches in Tenerife are in the South of Tenerife, weather and beaches are the best in Costa Adeje.

Water sports in Costa Adeje

If you like water sports, the best time to play in Costa Adeje is summer, with the best weather. However, at any time of the year, because of the temperature in Costa Adeje, it is possible to do so. In the months of July and August there is more wind and the practice of Windsurfing is greater on the beaches of Costa Adeje.

The practice of water sports activities such as surfing, windsurfing, kitesurfing, kayaking, diving and snorkeling is common in Costa Adeje, due to the pleasant weather conditions. In Costa Adeje you can find any of these sports clubs to any equipment rental stores. You can also practice water skiing in Costa Adeje, practically all year round thanks to the good weather.

Among the activities at sea to do with the good weather in Costa Adeje are also boat or catamaran excursions. On some of the excursions you can go whale watching whales, swim with dolphins, or take a boat fishing tour. There are also excursions or underwater tours with which you can enjoy the seabed in Costa Adeje. If this is not an experience you have lived, we recommend you do it, you will love it. Water skiing, or jetski, is another exciting water activity that you can practice with the good weather in Costa Adeje. There are companies and professionals in each of these activities that can guide you in their practice. Also they can give you advices about weather in Costa Adeje, and what sports are the best for you.

Landscapes activities, enjoying good weather in Costa Adeje

If you are a lover of excursions on land, we recommend the SUV and 4×4 as one of the activities that you can enjoy doing safaris. Likewise, the weather in Costa Adeje also allows cycling enthusiasts to go out and enjoy the landscapes in Tenerife. You can also find buggy tours to enjoy the territories in Costa Adeje and the good weather. Hiking is another activity for lovers of enjoying land walks through open spaces. In addition to the good weather in Costa Adeje, the fabulous landscapes and colors of the sky, sea and land are a spectacle. Rappelling and canyoning complete the adventure activities that you can practice guided by professionals. Also for horse lovers there is the possibility of horse riding, most of the year the good weather will allow spectacular walks. There are several places where you can hire these rides.

Ecological in Costa Adeje

Guided visits to ecological spaces is another activity for ecology lovers. There are spaces and farms in Costa Adeje where they can enjoy a pleasant atmosphere while learning in an environmentally friendly way.

You will commonly find sports camps where you can keep your sports practice during your stay in Costa Adeje. Yoga and Pilates classes is another activity that you will usually find in the South of Tenerife. You can find monitors and professionals to enjoy activities and good temperatures in Costa Adeje.

Skies and good weather in Costa Adeje

Another of the best activities is paragliding, where you can enjoy spectacular aerial views. With the good weather in Costa Adeje, most of the year is an activity that you can do. Imagine the beauty of the blue skies, the blue sea and the contrasts of colors that you will enjoy.

Beaches and weather in Costa Adeje

The beaches in Costa Adeje that you can enjoy are: Duque Norte Beach, Trojan Beach, Bobo Beach, La Pinta Beach, Torviscas Beach, Fañabé Beach, Duque Beach, La Enramada Beach. Sports Beaches are El Cabezo, Muelle de La Caleta and Varadero, Los Morteros Beach, Diego Hernández Beach, Puertito de Adeje Beach, Las Salinas Beach, El Pinque Beach, Las Galgas Beach, Ajabo Beach. Costa Adeje is one of the best places in Tenerife to enjoy beach and weather, with sunny days all months of the year.

In theses beaches you can practice some water sports as was previous described. Weather in Costa Adeje is the best for enjoying water activities all the year.

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